Chateau de Beynac, Dordogne

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Chateau Beynac stands out as a favourite among the many along the Dordogne River -this is in part because Beynac itself is a pretty village, and in part because the castle towers dramatically over the river and village and is visible from so many places.

Another lovely castle to visit, like Bonaguil and Biron, Chateau Beynac has its own long history of battles and troubles, and plenty to explore and admire - including splendid views.

Built in the 12th century, in a location already well defended by the cliff that stands beneath the castle, Chateau Beynac was then heavily fortified to the rear, land-level side.

Chateau Beynac, Dordogne, France

A French castle, Beynac fell to the English on more than one occasion during the Hundred Years War, each time to be re-claimed soon after. With the end of the Wars, and the French seizure of the English castle across the river at Castelnaud, the fighting days were over for Chateau de Beynac.

Chateau Beynac is a very visible landmark as you canoe down the Dordogne River, and all the more impressive when you learn that the renovation largely falls to one person, the current proprietor, who has spent several decades on the project.

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