Chateau de Biron, Lot et Garonne

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Château de Biron, set amidst lovely countryside on a steep hill, is visible from many parts of the region. From 1189 the castle stayed in the Gontaut family for 24 generations, until the early 20th century.

Over the course of the centuries many generations of the family added extensions and fortifications to the castle.

Chateau Biron is now a magnificent spectacle - impressive from the village below, and with equally impressive views over the surrounding Lot-et-Garonne countryside from inside.

Perhaps most interestingly, these additions include a two storey church - the lower level for the common people and the upper level for the nobles who felt that they should sit closer to God.

Children and adults alike will enjoy the dimly lit basement rooms at Chateau Biron, with various rooms set out as torture rooms, a bakery and so on.

Chateau Biron is another castle which no visitor to the north Lot et Garonne should miss - and the village of Biron itself below the castle also makes for a pleasant wander.

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