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'It's so perfect that it seems ridiculous to describe it as a ruin' was how Lawrence of Arabia described the Château de Bonaguil. Never used as a defensive castle, Bonaguil is perhaps the most magnificent folly in France.

Hugely reinforced to defend a hunchback tyrant called Brengon from an enemy that no longer existed, the castle fell into disrepair and by the 18th century was sold for 100 francs and a sack of walnuts.

Graffiti at Chateau Bonaguil

Chateau de Bonaguil is a simply stunning castle, and the inside contains much to explore as well, and the novelty of seeing medieval graffiti uncovered during restoration works. The outside is illuminated during the summer evenings to give a further dimension to its attractiveness.

But Chateau Bonaguil, despite its imposing appearance, was never attacked and never used for military purposes. It was largely constructed by a nasty paranoid chap called Berenger de Rocquefeuil in the second part of the 15th century in readiness for a series of attacks that never took place.

Once a year Chateau Bonaguil hosts a large and magnificent firework and music spectacular - only a few euros admission, and absolutely not to be missed if you are in the area at the time.

Bonaguil village itself has a couple of cafes and restaurants, where you can sit and gaze up at the castle looming over you.

After enjoying a visit to Bonaguil you might like to cross Fumel and enter into the Lot Valley to visit the pretty village of Puy l'Eveque.

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