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On the southern side of the Dordogne River, between Domme and Beynac, Castelnaud is another magnificent castle, with the anticipated splendid views across miles of countryside.

This is the most visited chateau in south-west France, both for the castle itself and the associated displays in the museum. And rightly so.

Chateau de Castelnaud, Dordogne, France

Castelnaud castle was built in the 12th century.

Note that, attractive as it is, Castelnaud proved uncomfortable as living accommodation - and apparently it was easier for the Caumont family to build another castle just down the road at Milandes than to improve the luxury of Chateau Castelnaud!

Perhaps this decision in part explains why Castelnaud castle is so popular today, with its myriads of medieval rooms, stairways and dungeons to discover being unspoiled during the intervening centuries...although very extensive renovations have been required during the last four decades.

Apart from the impressive castle itself, Castelnaud is also reputed for its museum, containing a collection of arms and armaments, copies of medieval war machines and various animations of medieval life throughout the day - and perhaps now as much an attraction as the castle itself.

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