Eymet, town in the southern Dordogne - a travel guide

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Eymet is another of the traditional bastide towns found in the Lot et Garonne region.

Eymet is a very pretty town on the edge of the Dropt River - it is also very unusual because of that - most bastide towns being on hilltops away from rivers - and the riverside makes for an attractive stroll on a summer evening.

There is also a ruined castle at Eymet.

The town is found south of Bergerac, and is well worth the excursion. There are various shops and restaurants under the traditional arcades of the central square, and in the side-streets, lined with medieval houses.

Perhaps unfairly tarnished by its reputation as being home to an unnatural number of English, it is true that you will hear many English voices in the town all year around. The English and Dutch have of course been attracted because the town is pleasant!

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