Issigeac, fascinating medieval town in the Dordogne

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Issigeac is unusual in the area, in that it is a medieval village but it is not a bastide town. So the usual 'grid patter' of streets gives way to higgledy-piggledy lanes and alleyways.

Issigeac contains numerous narrow winding streets, hemmed in by ancient colombage houses, and is a pleasure to explore.

The town is less 'restored' than some of the towns in the area (although that is changing in recent years - come soon!) which adds to the pleasure of exploring it, I think.

Especialy look out for the 'Maison des TĂȘtes' with its carved heads on its wooden facia - about 200 metres along the main street that runs up from the open square at the bottom town.

Issigeac, town in the Dordogne, France

Issigeac market: The main attraction in the small town is perhaps Issigeac market, held every Sunday morning. It is a lively market that takes over the town, especially during the summer, and really shows the town at its best - the market has grown each year and is now a major local attraction sprawling through the backstreets of the town and attracting many visitors from across the Dordogne and Lot et Garonne regions

At other times Issigeac is best described as quiet!

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