Suggested tour routes

The following will each take between ½ a day and a whole day, depending on lunch and how much time you spend wandering around etc. The order of the list is NOT an order of preference.

For more information about each town/village, chateau, cave etc please look at the relevant pages.

I have given a rough indication as to whether these are to the north, centre or south of the area covered by this website.

Belves / Cadouin / St Avit Senieur (north )

Also in this area and worth a visit: Urval


Pujols and Penne d'Agenais (south)

Pujols and Penne d’Agenais, lunch at one of the great restaurnats in Pujols or Penne d’Agenais, then shopping at E Leclerc at Villeneuve sur Lot (or a look around the town itself).

Also in this area: Grottes de Fontirou


Monpazier and Chateau Biron (centre)

Also in this area: Capdrot, Montferrand du Perigord


Bergerac Old Town, Monbazillac (north)

Bergerac Old Town, boat trip on Dordogne, lunch in Bergerac, visit to Monbazillac Chateau and cave (wine tasting)


Tournon d’Agenais and Chateau Bonaguil (south)

Also in this area: Montaigu de Quercy and for children, at Belvèze, a wooded park which is home to 200 animals including lambs and kids you can bottle feed.


Day (or ½ day) canoeing on the Dordogne (north)


Sarlat and Jardin du Chateau de Marqueyssac (north)

Strictly speaking in the north of the dordogne where these and many other places can be found on our site. Listed here because Sarlat and the gardens of Chateau de Marqueyssac are such popular destinations.

Also in the area: see


Domme including lunch and entrance into the caves (north)

Also in the area: Daglan, St Pompom, Prats du Perigord, garden at Les Jardins de l'Albarède.


Beynac / La Roque Gageac / Château les Milandes (Josephine Baker's château) (north)

Also in the area: Chateau de Castelnaud


A walk or drive through the Gavaudun Valley (south)

Walking through the Gavaudun Valley via Lacapelle Biron, Gavaudun and St Avit, lunch in Gavaudun, visit to Gavaudun Castle (numerous other walking routes are available in the tourist office)

Issigeac market (Sunday morning) (centre)

One of the best markets in the area.


A day in the Bastides (centre)

Villereal, Monflanquin, Cancon, Castillones

Also in the area: Lougratte (swimming lake)


Duras and Eymet (centre)

Also in the area: Lauzun


Valley du Céou and area

Saint-Cybranet, Daglan, Saint- Pompom, Prats du Perigord, Bouzic

Also in the area: Saint Laurent la Vallee


Villefranche du Périgord and Besse

Also in the area: Florimont-Gaumier


Tour of chateaux and bastides

See separate page HERE for a tour of the chateaux and bastide towns in the south of the region.


Other Options, mostly children related


  • Pony trekking / horse riding
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • P’arc en Ciel (Lacapelle Biron, animals for small children, treetop adventure for others)
  • Park Walibi (Agen, 1 hour drive, large adventure / amusement park)
  • Aqua Park (leave Bergerac towards St Foy, about 5 km from Bergerac)


Also check in the tourist office for activities specific to the period that you are staying – eg bodegas (street parties open to all), medieval days in Monflanquin and various of the medieval villages, vide greniers etc