Lot et Garonne markets and market days

The local markets in France are still packed with the freshest and tastiest produce and the work of local artisans. The weekly market is still a must for locals and tourists alike. In this area there is at least one market in one of the local towns every day of the week.

Issigeac is one of my favourites. It is a thriving market summer and winter alike, always very colourful and it brings alive this beautiful little medieval village which can be a little too quiet on other days

Villereal is one of the busiest markets with lots of stalls to keep everyone interested.

As a plant lover I find Castillones and Monflanquin often have interesting finds though sadly Monflanquin market seems to be shrinking as strange town planning rules seem to be turning trade away from the town centre.

All these markets are in the morning unlesss otherwise stated.

Monday Cancon
  Lacapelle Biron (pm)
  Miramont de Guyenne
Tuesday Castillones
  Villeneuve sur Lot
Wednesday Villereal (summer only)
  Villeneuve sur Lot (organic market)
Thursday Monflanquin
Friday Le Buisson
Saturday Villereal
  Villeneuve sur Lot
  Villefranche du Perigord
Sunday Issigeac
  Pujols (April to October)


In the summer many of these towns also have nocturnal markets. These are usually lots of fun and a cheap way to eat well. Each square will be packed with picnic tables surrounded by market stalls selling everything you need for a meal. You simply find a table and then for example buy a bottle of wine which the stall holder will uncork for you and give you some plastic cups. Then choose a starter, perhaps a melon which the stall holder will chop up for you.

Afterwards there will be a range of hot meals, perhpaps duck sausage with chips, maybe roast lamb with curried vegetables, always there is a reasonable choice. For dessert there is usually a crepe van as well as fruit or homemade cakes. These nocturnal markets are becoming more and more popular.