Belves, beautiful village in southern Dordogne, France

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Belves is a lovely and lively medieval town, with a well preserved bastide centre and an attractive 15th century covered market. Well worth a visit.

In the centre of the town you can visit the troglodyte dwellings, dating from the 13th century onwards. You can also see the medieval belfry and walls, the city hall, and a 14th century castle. Belves is famous as the 'town of seven bell towers'.

Being built on a large rocky outcrop, Belves has commanding views across the open countryside. There is plenty to enjoy in the countryside - small villages set in unspoiled fields and forests make this a very attractive region.

You will enjoy a pleasant afternoon wandering the streets and alleys of Belves - it is listed as 'one of the most beautiful villages in France'.

One curious 'sight' - during the spring parts of the road between Belves and Monpazier suddenly become surrounded by hundreds of polytunnels, in the race to produce early strawberries. Not at all unattractive (in occasional moderation!), these manage to look quite architectural, shining against the wooded backdrop.

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