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Monpazier is a really amazing town. It has preserved its medieval centre almost completely intact. The arcades and market hall are still there, there are no cars in the centre, and there is almost nothing to stop the illusion that you have stepped back 600 years in time. Unmissable.

Monpazier is listed as 'one of the most beautiful villages in France'.

Monpazier, Dordogne, France

Two highlights in the Monpazier calendar include the 'flower festival' held each spring, and the bodega in the summer - at night with careful lighting of the medieval buildings the town looks incredible.

Monpazier was founded in 1284 by Edward 1 of England. One interesting story relates how, during the Hundred Years War, the residents of Monpazier set off to plunder nearby Villefranche-du-Perigord. Finding the town quiet they stole many things and returned to Monpazier. Unfortunately, the reason Villefranche had been quiet was because all the residents had chosen that very same night to plunder Monpazier. When the full story emerged, the residents of both Monpazier and Villefranche returned the things that they had taken from each other.

In 1594 and 1637 the town of Monpazier was the centre of peasant insurgence, triggered by the terrible conditions following the end of the Wars of Religion. On both occasions the rebellions were violently suppressed.

Found in the southern part of the Dordogne department, Monpazier is approximately 16 kilometres east from Villereal.

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