Villereal, in Lot et Garonne, a bastide town in France

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Villereal is located in the northern part of the Lot-et-Garonne department, near the border with the Dordogne department.

The most remarkable feature of Villereal is undoubtedly its intact 14th century market hall dominating almost all of the central square - and still used for its lively Saturday market today. A wonderful lively small town, with a myriad of back streets to explore. Certainly one of the least commercialised town among those listed here, and probably the most lively outside the May - September holiday season.

Villereal was founded in 1269 by Alphonse de Poitiers, in an effort to keep the English at bay. This didn't work and the English occupied the town during the Hundred Years War.

Villereal, Lot and Garonne, France

Pick up the leaflet "A guided walk through the bastide" from the Villereal tourist office. There are a wide range of things to see such as the Leper House with its elaborate sculpted door, the old station, old stone sinks whose outflow pipes can still be seen sticking out from some buildings and you can work out where the old moats used to be.

Another useful leaflet is the touristic Itineraries leaflet. This outlines three routes to take in your car to see the places of interest around Villereal. Using these it is possible to find the local "Maisons à empilage" which are houses made of wood in log cabin style and these are the oldest houses in the area, thought to date back to the 16th century.

If you are a keen fisherman the leaflet "La Peche en Villerealais" describes what fish can be fished, with a map to help you choose a suitable spot and details of the licences you can buy .

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Villereal has various bars, restaurants, two supermarkets, doctors, pharmacies, a cake shop called Damien Blanchard selling fantastic cakes, various bakers, butchers, a newsagents and a good local pottery shop, and hairdressers (usually much cheaper than England and so worth a visit whilst on holiday) - we suggest and recommend Georgie at the Salon de Coiffure, 32 Rue Roger Bissiere, Villereal. Phone no. (English spoken) for your holiday hairdresser!

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