Car hire Dordogne and Lot-et-Garonne

With the advent of cheap flights to Bergerac and other airports in the region including Bordeaux and Toulouse it is often as cheap or cheaper - and much quicker - to fly and hire a car, especially if it avoids the need for an overnight stay en-route.


When driving to this region, most visitors arrive via Calais, Paris and Limoges. However every visitor has a different route to suggest, with your own personal best route depending on several factors, including:

  • The time of year you are travelling (the autoroutes are busier in July and August),
  • Whether you want to avoid toll roads,
  • Which port you will arrive at in France,
  • Whether you are going to to do the whole journey in one go, or stop off somewhere en-route


Probably the cheapest and easiest option for a stopover on route is the Formule 1 network of motels, that cover most of the motorway network of France. You can book your room in advance on the formule 1 website.